The song is everything.  A song can shift a career, brighten a day, extend solace, and even save a life, and in this case, we hope to save many elephant lives with our songs.  The purest essence of an original song is preserved and celebrated in a solo acoustic performance (or an accompanied performance with one musician and one singer).  All songs on 'Acoustic for Elephants' have been recorded as such in sessions specifically for this compilation.  These versions are original and exclusive to this project.  These artists have donated this version of their songs and have bravely recorded them in this fashion.  All tracks are a full take with no editing and no tuning.

  1. My End                                     Chris Caddell and the Wreckage
  2. When You're Young               The Schopenhauer Incident
  3. My Friend                                 Dani Doucette
  4. Awaken                                    Thaine
  5. Sirens                                       Gray
  6. Before the Darkness              Lori Nuic
  7. Save Me                                   Ty Owens
  8. Footprints on the Moon        Kate Todd
  9. In Denial                                   Leh-Lo
  10. No One But You                      Chris Caddell and the Wreckage
  11. Odelay                                      The Schopenhauer Incident
  12. I Blame You                             Dani Doucette
  13. Drunk In Austin                       Rex Davidson