Acoustic for Elephants Vol. 1


These are the brave artists (Yes, brave!  They have agreed to record live-off-the-floor in the studio.  That means no safety net, no editing, and no tuning.  That, sadly, doesn't happen anymore.) of the first volume of 'Acoustic for Elephants'.  They have donated their performance and their valuable intellectual property (original songs) to the cause of saving elephants.  ALL proceeds go to support World Elephant Day.  Let's support these wonderful independent artists.

  1. Chris Caddell and the Wreckage
  2. The Schopenhauer Incident
  3. Dani Doucette
  4. Thaine
  5. Gray
  6. Lori Nuic
  7. Ty Owens
  8. Kate Todd
  9. Leh-Lo
  10. Rex Davidson