We became inspired working on the wonderful film 'When Elephants Were Young'.


Chris Caddell (of Chris Caddell and the Wreckage), Geoff Callaghan (of The Schopenhauer Incident), and myself were fortunate enough to work on the music for this amazing film.  Not only was it a great business opportunity for us as entertainment industry professionals, but it was a real kick in the ass as human beings, as well.  I knew there was some mistreatment, but I had no idea that the plight of the elephants was this dire.  We wanted to do something to help and the recording project, 'Acoustic for Elephants', was born.  Vol. 1 is just the beginning.

-William Thaine

We'd like to thank the following for their direct creative contribution to the album art and this website's art:

album cover photo courtesy of Brent Lewin

album cover design courtesy of Michael Clark

elephant photos on this site courtesy of Patricia Sims